BARETA TRADING is a fast growing private company specializing in the sale of firearms. Our vast range of specialised products will easily satisfy your needs of ammunitions, rifles, revolvers, and pistols. We have at our disposal substantial financial recourses and we aim to provide our customers with first-class products in a fast and secure manner.

Our company holds a comprehensive license to buy and sell firearms and ammunitions internationally. We also hold a certificate under ISO 9001:2015 for our quality management system which complies with all requirements of the standard. 

We work with businesses of various sizes and with government institutions. We have established strong relations with retailers in Bulgaria, with military units and the law enforcement authorities. We have completed successfully a great number of projects involving firearms, equipment, etc. Furthermore, we have excellent business relations with major branches of the armed forces, the National Security Agency, the National Police, and the Ministry of Justice.

Using a dense and highly effective distribution network, we are able to meet the needs of the local market, and we are looking to expand our business further. The available stock at our points of sale around the country is sufficient to allow us to offer our customers an optimal variety of products at any given time.

We invest in innovative technologies and modern equipment. We try to exploit all opportunities that are available to us and to develop our potential in such a way that we can ensure the satisfaction of our customers who trust and rely on our expertise. Our mission is to meet the requirements for both product quality and service quality. That’s why today our company is in high demand and we are one of the most sought-after partners in this industry.